In 1975, Xicanindio was founded to be the premiere cultural institution in Arizona serving Latino and Indigenous artists. 44+ years later, our name has changed but our mission remains the same...


Our Mission

Xico’s mission is to nourish a greater appreciation of the cultural and spiritual heritages of the Latinx and Indigenous peoples of the Americas throughout the Arts.


  • Xico believes in the transformative power of art.

  • Xico believes history should be honored and preserved through contemporary practices.

  • Xico believes each artist at every level in their artistic journey has value, merit and potential.

  • Xico believes every child deserves access to the arts.

  • Xico believes everyone deserves to know their heritage. 


Xico is committed to maintaining an inclusive environment that feels welcoming and accepting of people of all races, ages, sex, religions, colors, national origin or ancestry, disability or medical condition, pregnancy, childbirth, marital status or veteran status, sexual orientation, genetic information, or any other status.