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Unframed: A Living Expression of Art!

A glowing interactive celebration of life!

Xico Galería, 1008 E Buckeye Rd, Suite 215, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Everyone is invited to create their own interpretation of La Catrina/El Catrin. Make a costume, a mask or paint your face with glow in the dark paint.

Costumes for La Catrina are generally long skirts, shawls, hats, feather boas and flowers. El Catrin is suave and debonair, even sexy. Lots of bling, style and glitter. Oh yes, don't forget the umbrellas or big sombreros!

La Catrina is the colorful and elegant skeleton figure so prominent in Mexican folklore.

Unlike the Halloween skeleton, La Catrina / El Catrin are not scary, but rather friendly, attractive and romantic.

The more outrageous, the better!

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