At A Glance

Xico serves a broad, ethnically diverse population including emerging and established artists, youth, under-served populations, and art advocates through art based programming: Community Exhibitions, Artist-in-Residence, Printmaking Workshops, Professional Development Workshops, and Under-served Youth Programs.

  • Exhibitions and First/Third Friday Roosevelt Row Hotbox Shipping Containers openings provide an opportunity for free access to Latinx and Indigenous arts. Exhibiting artists share their inspiration, stories, and heritage, through which the audience may gain a greater understanding of cultural value and it's place within our community.

  • Say Yes to the Press (SYP) is Xico's mobile art program sharing the art of printmaking with under-served youth and families in Title I schools, community centers, and festivals reaching a new generation and audience.

  • Printmaking Workshops provide an opportunity for artists to experiment with new methods while learning from Master Printers. Our in-house press allows artists to enhance their skills and produce quality art.

  • Professional Development Workshops provide artists an opportunity to gain business and marketing knowledge from professionals in the community. These workshops and lectures range from common skills for best practices to copyright infringement.

  • Classes explore variety art forms for all skill levels, such as Mexican Embroidery and Beading which is part of our Indigenous Series: Exploring the Art of Native Craft.

  • Artist in Residence Program enhances an artist's ability for professional growth and development by providing free dedicated work space. Artists can focus on creating marketable artwork, and have the freedom to experiment with new mediums. This program allows the community additional access to experience local art and culture and allows the artist to engage a broader audience.