Artist Workshops

Our printmaking workshops provide free opportunities for artists to experiment with new methods while learning from master printers. Emerging and established local artists can attend Xico printmaking workshops and demonstrations for free, expanding their skills, techniques and knowledge. Workshops are held at the Xico Artist Studio, where we house our printing press. Techniques include monosilk, monoprint, etching, woodcut, linocut, and mixed media. Check out our full calendar of events to see what is happening next at Xico!


The monoprint silkscreen process is a specialized process where the artist uses water-based inks to paint or apply the image directly onto the silkscreen. Once the image is applied, a color of ink is selected for the background. A small amount of ink is poured at the top of the silkscreen and is hand pulled with a squeegee. The rubber tipped squeegee forces the ink through the mesh, transferring the image onto the paper. In the process, artists may work with a variety of materials e.g. pastel crayons, stencils, ink on acetate, and photo emulsion.


A print is achieved by creating the image on an plexi glass plate with ink. The plate and paper are run through an etching press, which applies pressure to transfer the image to paper. Traditionally, only one print is made since the inks or paints are applied directly to the plate.