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Born in Edinburg, Texas, raised in the grape fields of California, educated as a Mechanical Engineer and Artist in Sacramento Cal. State, transplanted to Arizona where an MFA in Studio Art was earned. José has always known that he was going to be an artist though ignorant of the role of an artist in society until he took college level art courses. While perusing a Mechanical Engineering degree he realized his niche was to develop art that conceptually used both sides of the brain. 

Artist Satement:
I have been conscious of efficient use our resources, for more then twenty years I have been using recyclable materials and re-appropriated objects in my art for twenty years. In today’s terms I have been green sense before it was Cool. 


Reggie Casillas

Reggie Casillas was born in South Phoenix, AZ and was exposed to the Arts as well as his Hispanic Heritage at a young age. Growing up as the son of a prominent Artist and a highly motivated mother, he learned to incorporate his life experiences into his art to create pieces that are visually striking with a story to tell. “Art is something that has enveloped my life since birth. It is around all of us but having a father who dedicates his life to the arts has put a special meaning to the connection between everyday life and the arts that are so vital to
our existence.”


Sam Fresquez


Sam Fresquez

Sam Fresquez is a Phoenix based artist who is currently attending ASU for a BFA in Intermedia Art with a minor in Spanish. Her art explores many concepts including religion, family, culture and sexuality. Above all, her work talks about cultural intersections, frequently using interviews to interact with the community. She often focuses on the use of text in her work. 



Gloria Martinez

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As an artist, Joe is a painter and printmaker, as well as a creative director, illustrator, writer and speaker who lives in Scottsdale. His work is reflective of a bi-cultural perspective formed by the Arizona and Mexico regions, the people living in that region, as well as a contemporary perspective. His work speaks to the Mexicano, the Chicano, the Latino, and the Hispanic, as well as the Gavacho. Joe is an active artist member of Xico Inc, a Chicano/Native American arts organization in Phoenix, as well as a participant in Tortuga Press & Studio, a small print studio in Mesa who works with professional artists from all over the Americas. His work has been in a variety of exhibits throughout Arizona, the U.S. and Mexico. His work is figurative and evokes color and passion. Much of his work features voluptuous Sirenas (mermaids) and Angeles, as well as Corazones (hearts) filled with passion, lust and emotion.